Virtual Trade Fairs

In contrast with conventional trade fairs, Virtual Fairs (VFs) offer enterprises the opportunity to connect with clients and business partners without having to meet them physically, saving this way time and money. Virtual Fairs exist for quite some time, but only recently have experienced a remarkable growth and popularity among the business world. New developments in the web-technology in combination with the global economic crisis have favoured the extensive use of internet platforms and tools horizontally across all business sectors and activities. An increasing number of businesses are promoting their products and services through such websites and portals all over the world.

In e-F+TN network we introduce a number of virtual events that will help enterprises from the Black-Sea wide region to expand their business links within the region, in Europe and internationally. We offer to a limited number of companies especially the small and medium enterprises - the chance not only to visit a Virtual Fair, but also to participate as exhibitors and showcase their products and services for free.

We invite enterprises from the sectors of Agro-food, Building Elements & Materials and, Industrial Machinery to join us and benefit from our free services.

Virtual Fairs: A virtual trade fair is a virtual event which runs in an online environment, goes live and stays live online for a limited period of time. It can be considered the online equivalent of a traditional tradeshow or exhibition, but exhibitors and visitors connect with one another via the Internet, regardless of geographic location, to exchange valuable information. [Source: Wikipedia]

Under e-F+TN the virtual environment of Virtual Fairs includes: a welcome and registration desk (including a helpdesk), an exhibition hall, a conference hall and a networking area (to host e.g. pre-arranged bilateral meetings).


Virtual Presence events: A Virtual Presence event (or initiative) comprise a virtual environment which will be displayed in real (conventional) trade fairs. The virtual event organiser will participate with a real stand/ booth in a conventional event (which will be equipped with PCs and screens). Visitors of the conventional event will have the opportunity to navigate into the virtual exhibition and get used to the virtual environment. Compare to the Virtual Fairs, Virtual Presence events will simply have: a virtual welcome and registration desk (registration may be optional) and a virtual exhibition hall.